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This calculator helps participants and providers identify appropriate services for a potential NDIS participant to receive through an individualised funding package.
It may be useful for eligible participant pre-planning, funded participant review, or to advise what NDIS supports are available. This tool has been developed by Wentworth Healthcare, provider of the Nepean Blue Mountains PHN.

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The NDIA uses the Modified Monash Model to determine regional, remote and very remote areas using a scale based on populations size and locality. For more information around the MM classification you live in please visit the Health Workforce Locator.

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Please select a support item using the above menus and click the Add Row button to begin.

How to use the calculator:

  1. Select the NDIS Support Category from the drop down box on the left of the page.
  2. In the next column to the right, select the line items you deem applicable.
  3. In the next column, select the amount of hours per week you feel the services would be necessary. If you wish to calculate one hour per month, you can write 0.25 in the "Hours per week" column, and 0.5 if you wish to calculate 1 hour per fortnight. 
  4. Hit the "Add Row" button and you'll receive the dollar amount for a full calendar year.
  5. Repeat for as many line items as you wish (don't forget to consider weekend, evening and overnight rates).
  6. Print it out using the print button at the bottom left of the calculated totals.


Please note: you can modify the number of weeks in the plan by entering a number in the box at the bottom of the Calculator.

Assistance with daily life – This support category relates to assisting with and/or supervising personal tasks of daily life to enable the participant to live as autonomously as possible.

Assistance with social and community participation – These supports enable a participant to engage in community, social or recreational activities. They may be provided in a centre or in community settings at standard or higher intensity rates.

Assistive technology - This support category includes all aids or equipment supports that assist participants to live independently or assist a carer to support the participant. It also includes related delivery, set-up and some training support items.

Consumables - Consumables are a support category available to assist participants with purchasing everyday use items. Supports such as Continence and Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) products are included in this category.

Finding and Keeping a Job - These supports provide workplace assistance that enables a participant to successfully obtain and/or retain employment in the open or supported labour market.

Home modifications and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) - Home modifications include design, construction, installation of or changes to equipment or non-structural components of the building, and installation of fixtures or fittings, to enable participants to live as independently as possible or to live safely at home.

SDA funding is intended for participants who require a specialist dwelling that reduces their need for person-to-person supports, or improves the efficiency of the delivery of person-to-person supports.

Improved daily living skills - This support category includes assessment, training, strategy development and/or therapy (including Early Childhood Intervention) supports to assist the development or increase a participant’s skills and/or capacity for independence and community participation. Supports can be delivered to individuals or groups.

Improved health and wellbeing - These activities support, maintain or increase physical mobility or well-being through personal training or exercise physiology. Physical well-being activities promote and encourage improved physical capacity and health.

Improved learning - This support is for provision of skills training, advice, assistance with arrangements and orientation to assist a participant moving from school to further education.

Improved life choices - This reasonable and necessary support focuses on strengthening the participant's ability to undertake tasks associated with the management of their supports.

Improved living arrangements - Support is provided to guide, prompt, or undertake activities to ensure the participant obtains and/or retains appropriate accommodation. This may include assisting to apply for a rental tenancy or to undertake tenancy obligations in line with the participant’s tenancy agreement.

Improved relationships - This support category is the provision of specialised assessment where the participant may have complex or unclear needs, requiring long term and/or intensive supports to address behaviours of concern.

Increased social and community participation - This support category involves supports for participation in skills-based learning to develop independence in accessing the community.

Support Coordination - Support Coordination (if required) is included in the Capacity Building budget. This is a fixed amount for strengthening participant’s abilities to coordinate and implement supports in their plans and to participate more fully in the community.

Transport - Transport enables participants to access disability supports outside their home, and to pay for transport that helps them to achieve the goals in their plan. Transport supports generally do not have price limits; however, participants should use the least expensive transport that meets their needs.


This calculator has been designed utilising the "NDIS Support Catalogue 2023-24". Last updated 3rd of July 2023.
A complete view of the document can be found at https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/pricing-arrangements.

Quotations from external providers are required for all line items that have a zero dollar value.
While Wentworth Healthcare, the provider of the Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network, aims to keep the information provided on this website current, this is a guide only.
We cannot guarantee that the monetary amounts calculated on this site will result in the actual amount of funding to persons eligible for an Individual Funding Package through the NDIS.

Please Note:

The NDIS funds “reasonable and necessary supports” relating to a person’s disability to help them live an ordinary life and achieve their goals.

Reasonable is something that is fair.

Necessary is something you have to have because of your disability.